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Heading to Atlanta for Atlantamania tomorrow!  I didn’t lose as much weight as I hoped to prepare for it, but I did make some progress so it’s not a total wash.  Now I’m just nervous about what to expect and how much I’ll sweat.  I don’t want to be the weird sweaty guy in the corner.  :-/

Wii, Kinect, Move - does a body good. →

Long article but full of science and goodness.  Basically it’s saying that the step and hula components of Wii Fit provide enough of an exercise response(increases oxygen consumption and caloric expenditure) to be beneficial i.e. to actually count as exercise.  It’s safe to assume that if the Wii provides this kind of exercise response, than the Kinect and Move do as well, so no need to play favorites.  Although, I will say, Dance Central kicks ass and really gets you sweating, however, I still do not know how to Jerk.