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I need books

I have run out of books to read :-(  Recommendations?  

I tried Invisible Man by Ralp Ellison, but no go.  I started reading it more from a dare though from this girl at work.  She wanted me to take a crack at it since she attempted to read it several times with no luck.  She wanted to see if maybe she just wasn’t getting it or what.  No worries, it’s not her, it’s that damn book.  OMG soooooooooooo boring.  I will be returning it tomorrow.  

Then I started Common Sense and Other Writings by Thomas Paine.  I read Common Sense in high school for AP History so I figured I would refresh myself on it.  I got through that no problem, but the rest of his work isn’t something you just sit down to read for leisure…or to kill 4 hours at a desk job.  

So yeah, now I need to find something to read at work that will keep my interest.  Those car rides and extended hours at a desk don’t just fill themselves people.